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Best Blooms Florist - Security and Privacy Policy

Best Blooms florist Auckland privacy and security policy


As you enter information on our https website you will notice the SSL padlock - The website is hosted on an SSL Secure Server for the encryption of any details you enter into forms on the website.

When you order flowers online payments are made through the secure payment gateway Paystation where all your details and private information is kept just that - Private.
Once you have completed your purchase you will be bought back to Best Blooms Florist for a receipt.
Best Blooms does not view, record or store any of your credit card information and will never pass your details on to any 3rd Parties.


You have the option to set up a membership account with Best Blooms as part of your checkout process.
This information is kept strictly private and is used for the auto fill of your future orders, saving of an address book for deliveries, and reminder service.
This information is not shared in any way.

Privacy on Anonymous Flower Orders

You will note during the checkout process you have an option to tick to remain anonymous.
If you choose this option we will not write your name in the enclosure card. If the recipients contacts us to ask who sent the flowers we will email you with the request and rely on your answer as to what information is passed on.

Due to the New Zealand privacy laws we are unable to tell you who sent flowers to you, if they have not authorised us to do so, as our contract is with the paying customer.

Please note: If we are contacted in regards to a harassment charge we will work together with the law in regards to sharing information to ensure safety of others.