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Sympathy and Funeral

Sympathy Flowers - Auckland New Zealand

Sending sympathy flowers for a funeral is a heartfelt gift to show the family you care. As professional Auckland florists we work closely with families making funeral arrangements, friends & colleagues sending bereavement flowers, sympathy bouquets, and flower delivery to funerals across Auckland NZ.

Flowers are an integral part of the funeral grieving process. In fact, sympathy flowers have been part of funeral and memorial traditions in nearly every culture throughout history.

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What is the correct customs for sending bereavement flowers in New Zealand?

Written by: Best Blooms Auckland Senior Florist - Jo-Ann Moss
Here is our advice:

Sending Sympathy Flowers to the Home:

Easy-care Bereavement Vox Bouquet 

If you are sending condolence flowers to the family at home, then we highly recommend sending a vox bouquet to the House. Your fresh flowers will be delivered in water, including flower food. A vox box is extremely easy for the bereaved family to look after in this busy and stressful time. They will also run out of vases very quickly, so sending flowers in a vox box (portable vase) is the perfect answer. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and notice how long your flowers lasted.

Sympathy Floral Arrangement -

Our Auckland florists also recommend sending your condolences with a floral arrangement.
Easy to look after blooms that are pre-arranged by our florists in a keepsake container. To care for an arrangement of sympathy flowers, add water daily.

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What Colour flowers should we send for Condolences?

A condolence bouquet could be in soft and subtle shades, or bright and cheery flowers to celebrate the life of the deceased, there is no right or wrong approach to the colour of the flowers, the choice is up to you.
The best advice is to select a sympathy bouquet you think the family will appreciate, and in colours that remind you of them, or one that makes your heart feel good when you choose it online. Sending flowers allows you to feel a personal connection with the family to send your love.

What message should we write on the Sympathy Card?

Writing your sympathy card message is one of the hardest things to sort when sending bereavement flowers. Our florists advise writing from the heart, and perhaps share a personal memory of the deceased.
TOP TIP - Please Don't forget to sign your card! It can cause discomfort for the family, if they don't know who sent the flowers.
Best Blooms has written a helpful guide for writing your card messages. You'll find easy sympathy card messages, quotes and nice sayings to send your condolences.

Are Pot Plants a good idea to send for a Sympathy Gift?

House plants are a very thoughtful and kind sympathy gesture. Our Auckland Florist shop has a wide range of plants to send your sympathies - both flowering plants & leafy green house plants. Sending a plant with your condolences would be a very acceptable custom to send for bereavements anywhere in Auckland NZ.
Orchid Plants or Peace Lilies can live for years, and often come into flower again on the anniversary of their passing, making them an even more poignant gift of rememberance.

soft colour sympathy flowers

NZ Ettiquette for Sending Funeral Flowers to the Service:

To send flowers to an Auckland funeral service, the most popular sympathy flowers would be to send a vox bouquet or sheaf of flowers. This gives the family the choice afterwards to take the flowers home, or donate the bouquet to hospice, a hospital ward or rest home in memory of their loved one.


In New Zealand wreaths of flowers are traditionally sent to the funeral itself and not to the home.
A funeral wreath is usually sent by absent family members, or groups, organisations and workplaces as a more formal gesture of remembrance and Tribute. There is rich symbolism in sending a floral wreath, as it is an unbroken symbol of love and respect.

Flower Delivery to the Funeral on Time

To allow timely delivery, please order flowers the day before the funeral to ensure we can meet the delivery deadline (and account for Auckland Traffic!).
To get flowers delivered to the funeral on time - Information we need for your order:
Name of the deceased, Place & time of the funeral service, (funeral directors if you have that information). We can deliver sympathy & funeral flowers to South Auckland, West Auckland, City & Central suburbs, delivery to the North Shore & East Auckland. 

You can Order Funeral Wreaths & Sympathy Flowers securely online, or call us direct on 09 838 9058 to speak personally with our team of Auckland florists to make your arrangements. Our caring team will look after you and take your order by phone if you prefer.

Casket Sprays

If you are looking for Casket Sprays for the top of the coffin, we would be honoured to help you choose special flowers for your loved one. Casket flowers are organised by the family, either by liasing with the funeral directors or direct with the florist. We work with Auckland's best funeral directors and can help with your arrangements.  Yes it is possible to customise your casket spray, choose the flower colours and their favourite blooms to include.  
We would be honoured to design a special casket cover for them.


Lest we Forget - As experienced professional florists we are trained in making formal floral wreaths for ANZAC Day.

Making sympathy and funeral flowers is an important honour we feel as florists, we are here to help if you have any questions about placing an order.

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