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Blues, Greens and Whites

Blue Flower Bouquets

Blue Flowers are my personal Favourite! I LOVE Blue Flowers - Gorgeous pillowy Hydrangea, elegant blue iris, I adore blue daisies (sadly not in the florist shop as they just don't last) - the summer spikes of Blue Gentiana and Delphinium.

Did You Know? - Blue Flower Facts

Blue Flowers are rare in the wild (and sadly somtimes in the flower shop!)
They mostly flower in Summer (hydrangeas, delphinium, Belladonna etc) as blue flowers are especially attractive to Bees.
For centuries nurserymen have been trying to cultivate Blue Roses - they are getting closer with some of the Cool Water and Ocean Song Roses - but not blue Roses yet.

Blue for Boys?

We always try to have some blue flowers in stock if we are able to - we know as traditional as it may seem, they are very popular for Baby Boy Bouquets. (Tip > Go bright & gender neutral as a modern alternative.)

Seasonal Availability of Blue Flowers

Spring Blue Flowers - Iris, Bluebells, Freesia (more lavendery purple), Tweedia, Agapanthus

Summer Blue Flowers - Hydrangea, Delphinium, Belladonna, Gentian, Cornflower, Lisianthus (more lavendery purple), Agapanthus, Statice, Lupins, Nigella.

Autumn Blue Flowers - Blue Iris, Vintage Blue Hydrangea

Winter Blue Flowers - Blue Iris, Viburnum Berries.

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