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The Meaning of Roses - Symbolism of Rose Colours

What does that Colour Rose symbolise? I want to give her Roses but not Red! What would be a good colour to send? What do pink roses mean? Do Yellow Roses mean Jealousy? Read more about the Meaning of Rose Colours here...

meaning of rose colours

The Meaning of Rose Colours

As professional florists, we often get asked questions about whether Roses have meanings based on their colour.

What is the right rose to give?
What does that colour Rose symbolize?
I want to give her a flower, but not Red Roses, what would be best?
What Rose is for Friendship?
What do Pink Roses mean?
Do Yellow Roses mean Jealousy?
Is there a Birthday Rose for Each Month?

It's a really interesting subject and expands further on our earlier blog post about Floriography - The meaning of flowers, and for more information on flowers and birthstones per month, read more here>

In New Zealand we are fortunate to have beautiful N.Z. grown Roses available all year round in a wide choice of colours.

These are old worlde traditions, stemming from Victorian times when they used posies of flowers to convey messages of love, and roses were always the centrepiece of these tussie mussies, the symbol of love and affection.



Red Roses

- Love, Passion, Affection, Desire.

Single Red Rose

- I Love You

One Dozen Red Roses

- Be Mine, I Love You

Red and White Roses Together

- Given together this signifies Unity.

White Roses

- Virtue, Pureness, Unity, New Love

Pale Pink Roses

- Admiration, Gentleness. Message of Sympathy

Bright Pink Roses

- Appreciation, Gratitude, Thankfulness.

Yellow Roses

- Friendship, Joy, Get Well

Orange Roses

- Enthusiasm, Passion, Gratitude

Peach Roses

- Modesty, Demureness, shy.

Purple Roses

Enchantment, Love and First sight.

In New Zealand, we are fortunate to have beautiful fresh N.Z. grown roses available all year round in a wide choice of colours.
I believe that sending any type of flowers means you think highly of them and wish them well, and both giving and receiving flowers conveys feelings of joy.
But why not have some fun, try sending a bouquet of roses based on the meaning, and see if they guess what you are trying to say in a more deep way.

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Jo-Ann Moss
Senior Florist
Bet Blooms Florist Auckland

Jo-Ann Moss - Senior Florist  |  02 April 2019, 11:41 PM

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