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Thank you messages and testimonials reviewing our service for flower delivery in Auckland


What our Customers said this week....

Speechmarks customer reference testimonialWe are lucky enough to hear from our customers, and the recipients of our flowers every day...
Some phone, some call into the shop excited to tell us how long the flowers lasted,
some message via facebook or twitter and we receive many emails -
Here are some of the latest messages...
(and Thank You so much for your feedback - it is always shared with the team, and it just makes our day!) 

We welcome all your feedback - All our flowers go out with our written guarantee -
We want you to tell us if we disappoint, so that we can fix it - immediately.

We also Encourage you to Review Us... 

As a valued customer of ours, we also encourage you to give us your feedback!

By email, please leave us a Review on Google Maps, Yelp, or on Finda 
OR on our Facebook Page or Twitter.

We strive for Excellence so do value your input. 

Thank you so much! My sister-in-law loved them - they made her cry! And much cheaper than what Interflora offered. :)

Thanks again

(28 Nov 2018)

Thank you so much, love it!!
(28 Nov 2018)

Hi there,

Thank you so much for sending these through to me, as I can now forward your email to my sister in Australia so she can see what we have sent to Mum…..it’s her 90th birthday today. My sister usually orders flowers for Mothers Day etc through you, so we are both customers.

I will be visiting her tonight, so will be about to see them in the ‘flesh’ so to speak.

I’m a very happy customer.

Kind regards,

Sandra Waters

(27 Nov 2018)

Thank you so much, the arrangement looks stunning!
I know she’ll love them so much, they’re beautiful.

Navajo Tane

(27 Nov 2018)

Thanks so much. Your on- line service is excellent.
The website is easy to follow and I love your communications and especially photos of the beautiful floral arrangement you made.
I love it. To see what it looks like is just fabulous.
Thank you very much.

Faye Taylor

(27 Nov 2018)

My daughter was thrilled with the peonies you sent her, they are beautiful and the whole process was seamless.
Thank you,
Pat H
(26 Nov 2018)

Hi Guys

Thanks very much for getting this out so quickly they look great!
It would definitely put a smile on the face of the person receiving the bouquet.

Kind Regards,
Valarie Payne,
Production Manager

(26 Nov 2018)

That is so lovely!!
Thank you so much for sending this through :-)

(26 Nov 2018)


Thanks so much for your email. It’s a great idea to send photos of arrangements/
The flowers look lovely.

Thanks & Regards,

Lorene Ahern
Adviser & Client Support

(23 Nov 2018)

Wow - I think you did a lovely job!
I’m very pleased, thank you.


(23 Nov 2018)

That is absolutely beautiful!
Thank you so much, you are always a pleasure to do business with, and never disappoint.

Heartfelt thanks

Kindest regards

(23 Nov 2018)

Thank you very much for sending through the photos.
This is a wonderful touch & it’s lovely to see the flowers.

Have a lovely week.


Emma McDermott
Accounts & Administration Co-Ordinator

(22 Nov 2018)

Hi there

I’ve used your company several times now over the years and you never disappoint, so thank you so much!!

Love the flowers, love your work!!

Tricia Elkington

(22 Nov 2018)

Wow! Fantastic service.

Thank you so very much for making this purchase so easy.
Also it was fantastic seeing a photo of what I ordered.

My daughter loved them and I will certainly use you again.

Many thanks

(22 Nov 2018)

Thank you for the photo of flowers - it was a nice surprise to receive, and very impressed with your service.

The flowers looked lovely.

(22 Nov 2018)

Dear Best Blooms Team,

Thank you for the lovely bouquet and the gift set design, looks lovely!
Dorothy was very touched.
Very pleased with the service, super fast and also handy while I’m overseas also.
(21 Nov 2018)

Good Morning Jo & Phil,

Thank you for this lovely email 😊

First of all let me say the flowers look incredible and I think Nicky will absolutely love them!

Secondly, the new service of sending customers photos of their order before they are sent is a stroke of genius, a small detail that goes a long way. I highly recommend you make it a permanent service for your customers.
Being completely honest I came across your website when googling flower deliveries for Auckland and I can honestly say I am incredibly happy I found your store. You are now my go to store for any flower deliveries!
Keep up the great work and thanks for the great service / experience.

Hope you have a great day!

Kind Regards,

Iona Parry
Service Co-ordinator
(21 Nov 2018)

Hi Best Blooms

Thank you so much for a great job done. This is the second time I have used you and both times the flowers have been just what I wanted.
Also like the way you send photos as I am overseas at the moment, so would have not been able to see them.
Your P R is absolutely awesome so thank you, thank you, thank you!


(21 Nov 2018)

Love it thank u so much.

(20 Nov 2018)

Beautiful Flowers. I’m very pleased.
Thank you.
(20 Nov 2018)

Absolutely stunning!!!
Thanks heaps!!!

Best regards,

Finance Team | Trade Tested
(20 Nov 2018)

Thankyou the flowers look lovely.
(19 Nov 2018)

Many, many thanks.
Everything was perfect.
(19 Nov 2018)

Hi there,

Thank you so so much they looked beautiful!!
Also thanks so much for your prompt service!! Will definitely be using you again and recommending you to friends and family!!

Thanks again!!
(19 Nov 2018)

Wow thanks for this, what great service too, the bouquet arrived the same day and I had put the order in at 2.30!
Love this idea of sharing too – keep up the beautiful blooming! LoL

Sharon Mills
Head Teacher
Sunnynook Preschool

(18 Nov 2018)

Just wanted to say a very big thank you for an excellent, efficient service.
From the outset your website was simple and easy to order from.
It was so lovely to receive a photo of what was being delivered and made ordering from the UK for a family member in hospital that extra bit more personal and special.
Keep up the great work guys and thanks for a lovely bunch of flowers (and chocolates!) :)
(17 Nov 2018)

Oh my gosh!! It is beautiful and perfect!! Just rapt with what you have done. Aimee-Jo is going to love it.
Thank you sooo much for your help and kindness when I phoned yesterday. You managed to take away my stress and made it easy for me.
Thank you to the Team at Best Blooms!! You are amazing and will be recommending you 😊

Many thanks
Jo 😊
(14 Nov 2018)

Thank-you very much for sending me a couple of photos of the flowers you have done for my daughter Kerri.
They look gorgeous.
Thanks once again. Jeanette.
(13 Nov 2018)

They are beautiful flowers. Thank you for your excellent service!

Kind Regards,
Maureen Wood | Team Leader
(13 Nov 2018)

Thank you Best Blooms.

The flowers were beautiful.

(13 Nov 2018)

Omg they were phenomenal!!

Lou Farraday
(13 Nov 2018)

Thanks a lot for sharing a photo of the flowers. That is a great idea

Amanda Roberts
(12 Nov 2018)

Thanks a lot for sharing a photo of the flowers. That is a great idea

Amanda Roberts
(12 Nov 2018)

Thank you they're lovely. Love the Paua Shell!
(12 Nov 2018)

Thank you so much for sending the photo.
The flowers are just amazing and I am very pleased with the colours you have chosen.
Regards Lyn
(09 Nov 2018)

Dear Team at Best Blooms,

Thank you so much for the updates and these lovely photos. Everything looks awesome.

Kind regards,
(09 Nov 2018)


Thanks very much for your great service. Jane loved the flowers!
We wanted the Banksia/Protea style flowers and long-lasting, so perfect.

(09 Nov 2018)

OMG, that is amazing. I love it, thanks so much.
I sure hope she is home herself to receive it!!
Sandy Gibbs
(09 Nov 2018)


Thank you so much for sending a picture of what it looks like.

We have a sick kiddie from our preschool and her mum said she loved unwrapping it.

Thanks we will definitely recommend your service.

With thanks


Jane Skellern
Pukeko Preschool
(09 Nov 2018)

Thank you for the photos. What a wonderful idea.
You have been awesome to deal with and I will shop with you again.
(09 Nov 2018)

Wonderful thank you very much. They look great.
(08 Nov 2018)

Hi, thank you very much for such a beautiful flower arrangement for my daughter's new arrival. My daughter was delighted. Thank you also for the photo you sent, which enabled me to see them before they were delivered.
I will definitely be ordering again soon.
Kind Regards, from a very cold and wet Cornwall.
Kate 😬
P.S will leave feedback on FB
(08 Nov 2018)

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing the picture of the gift with me. How very thoughtful. I'm sure he will love it!

Wonderful service thank you again.


(08 Nov 2018)

Thank you so much guys! We will definitely be returning the next time we wish to send flowers, you are a pleasure to deal with.

Kind regards,
Megan Thorpe.
(08 Nov 2018)

Thank you so much. The gift looks beautiful.

Awesome service 10/10.

I will surely recommend to my NZL friends and families here in Australia.

Great Service.

Highly recommended.
(08 Nov 2018)

Thank you – they’re beautiful!

(08 Nov 2018)

Brilliant brilliant flowers. Such care taken over every detail.
My sister was delighted with them.
Mannnnnnny thank-you's.
(07 Nov 2018)

Lovely Roses!
Appreciate the pictures.

(07 Nov 2018)

Oh my gosh!!!! They are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!! Very very impressed!

After scrolling for an hour last night trying to find the best florists in Auckland, I’m so glad I chose Best Blooms!!!!

Thank you so much for the great communication and friendly assistance from Tessa and Kelly!
I can’t wait for my sister to receive soon, she’ll be over the moon!!!!

(07 Nov 2018)

Omg! That is awesome!!!!! Thank you so so much! Fast and customer friendly service!!

Too much!

(07 Nov 2018)

Beautiful, thank you for sharing with me 😍
(07 Nov 2018)

The flowers look beautiful. Thank you!!!
(24 Oct 2018)

Good afternoon,

Thank you for sending a photo of the flowers I ordered today.

They look lovely and I'm sure my friend will love the arrangement!

Kind regards

Jan Barber
(24 Oct 2018)


Thank you very much. Loved the arrangement of roses.

Thank you once again for making this day even more special.

Best regards
(24 Oct 2018)

Thanks guys! This looks amazing and I know she will love it!

I’ve put a review on Google for you, your service really is outstanding and I wouldn’t use anyone else in Auckland for these special gifts.

Enjoy the rest of your day 😊

Kind regards,

Kirsten Wise,
Senior Boutique Voyage & Cruise Specialist
(24 Oct 2018)

Wow! Beautiful thank you very much 😊
(23 Oct 2018)

The flowers look amazing - thank you so much.
(23 Oct 2018)

Thank you for your Excellent Prompt service.
Mum is thrilled with them & they look great too.
Kindest Regards
Brett Thomas.
(23 Oct 2018)

Flowers look perfect.
Thanks again for your help.
Lynne Williams
(23 Oct 2018)


These are absolutely stunning! Thank you so much 😊

Ngā mihi,
Amy Morensen
NZ Maori Tourism
(23 Oct 2018)

Thank you so very much for sending the photo.
That is a lovely idea , and I really appreciate it !
Very best wishes to you .
Mary Epke
(23 Oct 2018)

Dear Team

Thank you very much for sending a photo of the orchids. They were very happily received.

I do appreciate the detail you go to in ensuring the purchaser is happy with the order.
I am glad to hear you are a family concern, and shall be in touch again as we have family in Auckland.

Best wishes
Margaret Tuiqereqere
(22 Oct 2018)

Thanks heaps, she absolutely loves them.
Mum also said she liked the variety of flowers so that was really nice too.
Kind regards
Gillina Harrison
(21 Oct 2018)

Hi Guys

Just wanted to tell you, flowers were delivered yesterday and I didn't know but my hubby was off site at another location all day. The receptionist took them to my hubby's desk and put them in a vase and of course he was the talk of the office all day without him knowing.
Turned up to the office today to the roses and he sent me a stunning picture of them.

For a guy to be impressed with flowers is something else huh! - My husband said they are just so lovely WOW -

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the flowers, they are beautiful, even more beautiful than the pic you sent me.
I always come to you for special flowers and you never never disappoint me.

Thanks so much and hope you guys have a happy Friday xox
Vanessa Tottle

(19 Oct 2018)

Hi to all at Best Blooms
Many thanks for the photos of the beautiful flowers - a really nice touch.
Lorna was delighted with the orchids.

I have 2 daughters living in Auckland so need a great florist for those special occasions especially as I live in Scotland.
Many thanks again
(18 Oct 2018)

They are beautiful! Thanks so much
I will share with our NZ office 😊
(18 Oct 2018)

Lovely flowers! Thanks!

Anahí Zeccini
Senior Regulatory Strategist
(18 Oct 2018)

Thank you for the email and photos!

That is a lovely idea.

(18 Oct 2018)

They are stunning flowers!!! She will love them!!!! Thank you so much!

And thank you for being so easy to work with. It was the easiest process using your website.
I was a bit worried trying to do if from South Korea but it was very straightforward and the service has been fantastic!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

(17 Oct 2018)

That’s fantastic thanks so much Jo,

Looks gorgeous – she will love it!

Sonja Baker
Accounts Manager
(17 Oct 2018)

Simply stunning Flowers.
Thank you so much …😊

(17 Oct 2018)

Dear team
What a lovely service you supply. I will be recommending you to all.
This is a great wee idea sending me a pic. Thank you most kindly
All the best.
Thanks, Donna
(17 Oct 2018)

Thanks so much for sending the photo of the nice flower arrangement and teddy👍
(17 Oct 2018)

Thank you so much, it’s beautiful and amazing touch by sending the photo in advance. Well thought out!
We’ll keep ordering flowers from you.

Leonor Belloso
(17 Oct 2018)

Dear Best Blooms team

Thank you very much for your wonderful service!

The flowers look lovely (I also received a photo from the recipient) and I will definitely not hesitate to make use of your services again in future.

Kind Regards – from Cape Town, South Africa

Bardine Koegelenberg
(16 Oct 2018)

Thank you Best Blooms for the gorgeous flower bowl.
My granddaughter loved them & I would definitely recommend you to other people!

Marie Fenton
(16 Oct 2018)

Kia ora

Great service and follow up. What a nice idea to send photos to us.
If we need flowers again in Auckland, we would definitely use you again, and happy to refer you also.

Ngā mihi nui

(16 Oct 2018)

Thank you so much for the wreath which was very beautiful.
The family text me and said they arrived at 5.30pm which was much to their surprise, being same day delivery.
Thank you once again for your exceptional service. I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends and colleagues.

Kind regards,

Liz Verspagen -
Accounts Manager
(16 Oct 2018)

Thank for sending these pictures over of the wreath. They're lovely.

Thank you,

Cassandre Francois
Office Administrator
(16 Oct 2018)

Hi All,

Thanks for the Excellent service. My Grandma was over the moon with her gift!


Stuart Cleland
(16 Oct 2018)

Dear Best Blooms team,

Just want to let you know that my sister Sue was delighted with the flowers and they were her favourite colours as well.

Thanks very much,

Keith Edwards
(16 Oct 2018)

Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for showing me!! I love them and I know she will too!

Anita Reti
(12 Oct 2018)

Oh wow you are the first florist I’ve ever known to send photos – what a fantastic idea.

They look amazing and will definitely be using you again (although next I hope I am sending flowers for a happier occasion).

Many thanks,

Nikki Joel
Senior Project Delivery Manager
(12 Oct 2018)

Thank you so much for the lovely arrangement you did for my very close friend in New Zealand today.
I have used your services about 3 or 4 times now and I feel very comfortable ordering the flowers from Australia and I know what you will deliver will be gorgeous 😍!!.. and thank you so much for the photo you sent me of the flowers and Teddy that you were delivering.

Excellent customer service and I will highly recommend you to my friends in both Aussie and New Zealand !!

Thanks again 🤗

(11 Oct 2018)

Thank you !! The flowers are absolutely beautiful and we have a very happy Kathryn !!
Kind regards
(11 Oct 2018)

Thank you so much, it looks beautiful. We really appreciate the photos and your work.

Kind regards,

Olivia Kazmierow
(11 Oct 2018)

Thanks guys,
And thanks for double checking the address! Will be sure to use your excellent product and service again.

The recipient loved the flowers.

Thanks again
(11 Oct 2018)

Wow those are stunning, thank you so much :)

(10 Oct 2018)

Dear Best Blooms,

What a wonderful idea to send a photo so that I can see the flowers. Just beautiful. Thank you so much, this is really thoughtful.

Best regards,
Janet Tait
(10 Oct 2018)

These are beautiful! The reason I keep ordering from your service. Thank you so much!

(10 Oct 2018)

Thanks Best Blooms - lovely thing to do sending me photos.

I'm on the other side of the world and so wouldn't see them any other way. She really needs the flowers this year - been going through a tough time.

These are so bright and cheerful, I hope it's helped to make her birthday special - despite everything.

(10 Oct 2018)

Hi Best Blooms team,

Thank you so much for the photo of this lovely arrangement!

Impecible service, I was not expecting a photo of the finished product at all but am overjoyed with the service provided.

Thank you for doing this up so quickly and being able to deliver the same day, it is very comforting at this time to know we can rely on your service.

Many, many thanks

(09 Oct 2018)

Fabulous thanks very much, will certainly recommend you to all my friends!

Kind regards
Nicky Rambaud
(09 Oct 2018)

Hi everyone.
Thank you so much for the wonderful flowers, my niece loved them, and they looked beautiful.

How wonderful of you to send an email picture to me too. What a fantastic idea. It's very difficult when we live many miles away, but we will definitely use you again and will share with family and friends .

Thank you very much. I have also left a glowing Facebook review for you.
Kind regards
Kay Bethell.
(09 Oct 2018)

Yes absolutely love to see the flowers... what a fantastic idea

From Anita Patel
Atlas Gentech NZ Ltd
(08 Oct 2018)

Thank you they are beautiful, I'm sure the recipient will love them.

Ngā mihi
Shona Dunn
(08 Oct 2018)

Thank you so much for your fantastic service.

It was so nice to get a photo of the arrangement prior to being sent.

If I need to send flowers in Auckland you will be my first choice.


(06 Oct 2018)

Geez you guys are bloody awesome! Gorgeous! Thank you SO MUCH! Will definitely recommend and reuse you when needed for another flower delivery – amazing service!
Thanks again!
(05 Oct 2018)

Thank you I am very pleased with the orchid arrangement, and my daughter who they were sent to in Auckland was thrilled.
(05 Oct 2018)

Thank you for the photos, they look stunning. Big and Beautiful Arrangement.
Kerri Martin

(03 Oct 2018)

Hi Best Blooms,

The flowers are absolutely stunning and my friend loved them!

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful bouquet for her birthday.

Many thanks,


(02 Oct 2018)

Hi there,

thank you kindly, such a pleasing service you provide.

flowers are perfect...thank you

kind regards

Harley Gaudry

(02 Oct 2018)

Hello Best Blooms Team 😊

I would like to thank you all for getting this arrangement done and sent to my sister. I love the flower arrangement, on the plus side those are her favourite colours.
Thank you once again, you all have made her day.

I would definitely tell my families and friends to order with you..

Enjoy the rest of your day,


(28 Sep 2018)

Hello Tessa,

Your business was recommended to me by another college in the office who has used your service before and I am so glad I she recommended Best Blooms as this service you have provided from beginning to end has been absolutely fabulous!

I had no idea I would get a sneak peak of what you have packed for Adrienne either. This is AMAZING!! I’ve forward this to my team and the whole lot of us a chuffed. Thank you so much!! You have made our Friday!

Have a Wonderful Day/Weekend.

Kind regards,

Moe Faualo
Senior Sales Support
Partnerships - ANZ
Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd

(28 Sep 2018)

As an ex Florist: Great job!
(27 Sep 2018)

Hi Tessa

I love it how you have gone the extra mile by sending through a photo of what you sent to Bryce. There are not many companies who would take the time to do this so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Have a fantastic day.
Rototuna High Schools
(27 Sep 2018)

Dear Tessa

Thank you for sending the photos.

The flowers are gorgeous! Just what we wanted, - bright, cheerful and elegant at the same time. Mishel was very happy.

So was the team in the office I shared the photos with.

Thank you for your service.

Have a wonderful day!

Kind regards

(27 Sep 2018)

Hi Tessa

Thanks for the photos. The flowers look absolutely amazing.

This is the first time I've been sent an email with photos and delivery confirmation.

Sometimes I wonder if the flowers have ever been delivered or what the quality is if the recipient doesn't or can't contact us.

I'll definitely be using your service again.

Thanks again


(26 Sep 2018)

Dear Tessa,

Just wanted to thank you for your email and for sending me this great photo. It looks really pretty. Very happy with your service and keeping me up to date. I wil definitely carry on using you guys.

Have a wonderful day

Kindest Regards
(26 Sep 2018)

Hi Blooms,
We will certainly be using you again for our floral needs and not just to use the discount.

You can rest assured I have communicated your excellent services to all my friends and business colleagues.

Word of mouth business on social media is a powerful recommendation in today’s world and you guys certainly deserve it.

Have a nice day.

Craig Thomason
General Sales Manager
Window Control Systems
(25 Sep 2018)


Thanks for sending a photo of the beautiful bouquet you have created this morning for my sister, Katie.

They're absolutely beautiful and I'm sure they will brighten her day. I've shared the photo with my family and colleagues too!

I will be glad to recommend your family business to others looking for flowers/ efficient service and deliveries in the Auckland area.

Have a lovely day.

Thanks again,

(25 Sep 2018)

Hi Tessa

They look lovely and thanks for sending through the pic of the flowers…. Always wonder how they look and we’ll definitely use you again.

Cherrie Perry
Contracts Administrator
(25 Sep 2018)

Wow, beautiful. Really appreciate the communication especially taking the time to send through the final product.

Amazing will definitely be using Best Blooms florist again in the future.

Thank you and regards
(25 Sep 2018)

Hi Tessa,

Thanks for sharing the photo the flowers look absolutely beautiful – thank you so much! As I couldn’t get to my aunt’s funeral this means a lot to me.

Best wishes,

(24 Sep 2018)

They look great!
Thank you - what a fantastic service and idea to send pics of the flowers sent.
Great work Best Blooms!
(24 Sep 2018)

Dear Best Blooms

Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet you sent my daughter and son on their anniversary. The service received was just as wished and I will certainly be using it again. Doreen

(19 Sep 2018)

Hello Tessa,

Wow that is soo beautiful.. I would rate this 5/5 stars

Once again thank you to Best Blooms for an amazing job. Much Appreciated

Have a great day ahead..

Best Regards
Prerna/ Ashika

(12 Sep 2018)

:) THANK YOU JO THEY WERE ...PERFECT!!! ..once again!
Will definitely be using your GREAT services again!
amazing service! :D
(16 Jan 2018)

Hi Debbie- thanks : all good and were there before midday... and she loves them!!
Thanks regards

(16 Jan 2018)

Many thanks! Madeline was delighted to receive the flowers
Cheers, Lucy
(15 Jan 2018)

Thank you so much for the lovely flowers you put together for Em earlier today. They are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and exactly what I hoped for. So stoked, she loves them :-)
Warm regards, Esther
(14 Jan 2018)

You guys have no idea how wonderful it is to deal with such personable people!!

Thank you again, Kerry
(14 Jan 2018)

Thank you Debbie :)

I really enjoyed the range you offered in comparison to other places. I'm not going to be in the country for my partners birthday and using your website to find a gift made that easy for me to use, especially with the upgrade options.

Kind Regards,Chris
(13 Jan 2018)

Thank you very much for prompt service. Michelle appreciated her flowers at a very sad time for her family.

Thank you again
Jasmine Cootes

(12 Jan 2018)

Thank you Debbie; Erin has received the flowers and absolutely loves them.
There's nothing like getting flowers on your birthday!
Kind regards,
Louise Painter
(11 Jan 2018)

Good afternoon Debbie

Thank you for keeping me in the loop as to the flowers I ordered and the payment.
We visited Kim yesterday and the flowers are beautiful thank you. She loved them.

Best wishes Ann
(10 Jan 2018)

Hi Guys,
Thank you very much. The flower arrangement was fantastic. Kaori really loved the flowers, thank you for making it special. Roshan Dsouza
(09 Jan 2018)

Thanks you guys - I got a text this morning saying she received them and they were lovely. Great service will use you again. Renee
(08 Jan 2018)

You guys have no idea how wonderful it is to deal with such personable people!!

Well done, have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Thank you again
(07 Jan 2018)

Dear Best Blooms

I write to sincerely thank you for continually providing an excellent service. Not being based in New Zealand I have used many online flower delivery companies and have had to trust that they deliver as per the online description of goods; this has most definitely not always been the case.
This is the first business where I am continually told by friends and family that they receive flowers that are fresh, creative and plentiful. In particular are their comments that your flowers last a lot longer than others.
Add to this the fact that when I have needed to phone, my query has been met by friendly and helpful operators who have taken time to ensure every detail is correct, often going above and beyond to assist and always providing the same consistent, reliable and friendly service.

Again, my sincerest thanks for your exceptional customer service, attention to detail and great range of quality products.
Amy Laurenson
(06 Jan 2018)

You sent a gift basket of food and treats to friends of mine at Ronald McDonald house
this week. I just wanted to let you know that it was absolutely perfection.
Thank you! Thank you for helping me to bless friends who are going through a
tough time from another country.
The things in the basket were apparently amazing and delish.
Really Appreciate it.
Bridget Johnson
(06 Jan 2018)

Amazing feedback from my Mother on the flowers, shes still raving about them so thank you!
(05 Jan 2018)

Thank you for the beautiful flowers that were delivered to my dear friend on Monday for her 93rd birthday. She said they were great & that they were in her favourite colours. I was pleased to hear it as I know of people from overseas that had flowers delivered recently through Interflora (not from your company) & they were very disappointed. My friend who turned 93 was thrilled when they arrived from you.
Once again Thank You
Heather Cleghorn
(04 Jan 2018)

Just to thank you for the lovely flowers this was my friend in Glendowie's response to them...
"Hi Ann
Thanks again for the flowers they are the best I have ever ever had they have come out more and are just amazing. If I need flowers at any time I would use them. Put the bouquet outside at night in the fresh air so it will last longer cause it can be hot inside. They are just stunning better flowers than Mary and I have ever had
Cheers Ange"
(03 Jan 2018)

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing flower arrangement you delivered last Friday. This was for a very special and dear friend who appreciated all things beautiful. His family let us know that the flowers were just beautiful and they commented that Don would have loved them.
Warm Regards,
(02 Jan 2018)

Hi Best Blooms,
Just wanted to thank your staff & special mention to Phil who helped me locate my get well gift over the phone. I'm Perth based but was actually working in the remote outback at the time lol & Phil's fantastic customer service put me at ease!
The amazing reviews about your company are 100% correct. My nephew in hospital absolutely loved his gift basket.
To Phil and the best bloom staff.. a huge thank you! Will definitely be using your company again.
Kind Regards,
Tania Leaso
(01 Jan 2018)

Good Afternoon Debbie,
Thank you for arranging the flowers for me, heard from Bec and she loves them! Will definitely recommend you to friends and family! :-)
Kind Regards, Lisa Judson
(22 May 2013)

Hi Just want to thank you for the beautiful flowers that were delivered as per my order below. It is some three weeks since they were delivered and they only now unfortunately have to be thrown out after having looked stunning for this long!
Many wonderful comments were made about them and they were much appreciated by the family.
Many thanks again and I certainly look forward to using you again.
Kind regards, Louise
(06 May 2013)

Thank you for the flower delivery of order #9589. The recipient really appreciated the colours and design - it really hit the spot!
Once again thank you.
Best Wishes
Ed Hagen
(05 May 2013)

Excellent customer service and follow up. Best I've seen.
Cheers Pip
(01 Apr 2013)

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful service you gave. I contacted you on the internet from the USA to order flowers for my friend's birthday in Auckland.
There was a problem with delivery and when I called to enquire, you not only made the delivery on time, it was even better than I had asked for.
You are Wonderful - thank you so much!
(05 Mar 2013)

Thank you very much for delivering a beautiful Phalaenopsis for my grandparent�s anniversary on Thursday.
They were over the moon with their morning surprise delivery, a perfect way to start their special day.
I was impressed with not only how easy it is to order online but also how efficient and quick delivery was. Thank you so much!
I would gladly recommend you to anyone who listens:)
Regards, Leila
(30 Nov 2012)

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