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Thank you messages and testimonials reviewing our service for flower delivery in Auckland


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Speechmarks customer reference testimonialWe are lucky enough to hear from our customers, and the recipients of our flowers every day...
Some phone, some call into the shop excited to tell us how long the flowers lasted,
some message via facebook or twitter and we receive many emails -
Here are some of the latest messages...
(and Thank You so much for your feedback - it is always shared with the team, and it just makes our day!) 

We welcome all your feedback - All our flowers go out with our written guarantee -
We want you to tell us if we disappoint, so that we can fix it - immediately.

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Testimonial for Lush Romantic Bouquet
These are great!

Thankyou so much.


(22 Apr 2021)
Testimonial for Lush Romantic Bouquet
Excellent as always


(18 Apr 2021)
Testimonial for Lush Romantic Bouquet
Excellent, partner loved the flowers.


(22 Feb 2021)
Testimonial for Lush Romantic Bouquet
Thank you so much, the flowers look lovely and I am sure they will be very pleased with them

Kind regards

(14 Jan 2021)
Testimonial for Lush Romantic Bouquet
Very Lovely Jo and team, thanks very much.


(04 Apr 2019)
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