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Jo-Ann's Corner: Your Best Guide to Flowers in Auckland

BLOG - Senior Florist Jo-Ann gives hints and tips about arranging flowers, fun flower facts
and other useful information about flowers in New Zealand.

Gorgeous Orchids

We delve into the fascinating world of orchids, delicate and exotic flowers that have captivated hearts for centuries. Known for their stunning beauty, diversity, and symbolism, orchids hold a special place in the world of floral arrangements. We'll explore the rich history of orchids, their versatile uses in floral designs, and provide valuable insights on caring for orchid houseplants.

New Zealand Native Flowers

New Zealand has the most beautiful delicate native flowers that are endemic to Aotearoa - Can we use them in Floristry? In this article, our florist explores some of the most iconic and interesting native NZ flowers from Auckland and around New Zealand.

The Best Mother's Day Flowers And Gifts In NZ For 2023

The lovely mums of the Best Blooms team have listed down the best flowers and bouquets for mums, and what gift baskets work best. Read on to see some ideas to spoil your mum with this Mother’s Day. Here's our Gift Guide for Mothers Day 2023.

7 Most Popular Autumn Blooms in New Zealand

Autumn is a season of change, and what better way to embrace the changing colours and temperatures than with beautiful flowers? If you're looking for the perfect autumn blooms to decorate your home or event, or to send to someone special, you're in luck. In this post, we'll take a closer look at some of the most popular autumn flowers in New Zealand.

Card Messages: Helpful guide to find the right words to send.

When sending flowers, you want just the right message to go on your gift card. Here s a list of helpful suggestions for sympathy messages, condolence quotes, romantic card messages, good luck messages. Words to share your feelings and personalise your thoughtful gift. Remember a sentimental message, sent from the heart is bound to be just as beautiful as the flowers.

The Benefits of Using Sustainable and Local Flowers

As awareness of climate change and environmental issues grows, more people are seeking ways to live a sustainable lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint. One way to do this is by choosing to use sustainable and locally grown flowers, and at Best Blooms Florist all of our flowers and foliage is sourced within New Zealand and as close to Auckland as possible.

Decorating your home with flowers

Using floral arrangements around your home, or office, is a great way to bring colour and fragrance to your environment. It's been scientifically proven! A Harvard study in 2006 noted that participants who had placed flowers around their homes in locations where they could be seen on a day-to-day basis experienced a noticeable increase in their mood as well as higher compassion towards other people!

How big will my flower arrangement be?

When sending flowers by the internet and putting your trust in an online Florist, you want to feel reassured that what you see is what you send. How does Best Blooms - one of Auckland's favourite flower delivery services measure up?

Focus on Roses

Roses are a florist staple, and broadly loved by all. Available throughout the year in a range of colours and blooms, Roses have long been associated with romance the world over.

Widespread Rave Reviews for Auckland Flower Delivery

We've had so much positive feedback over the years, and that's now translating into great reviews - and it doesn't matter which platform you're looking at. Best Blooms consistently performs with a level of service that our customers love, and return for.

Caring for your Potted Plant

Our gorgeous potted plants are the gift that keeps on giving. While floral arrangements are often more colourful, a potted plant will have a lifespan wel beyond those of cut flowers, even though some cut flowers can last well. To make the most of your potted plant, and to keep it looking it's best for years to come, read how your plant responds best.

Matariki - A time to reflect

Matariki - Learn more about the significance of the winter star cluster Matariki and the reflection on those who have passed on and what we can learn from the past to realise our aspirations for the coming year.

7 New Baby Gift Baskets to celebrate the new mother in your life

The arrival of a new baby is such an exciting and special time. What better way to celebrate a newborn baby than with a gift basket for the baby and the new mum?

5 Most Popular Winter Flowers for Delivery in New Zealand

You may think there are fewer options for blooms in Winter, but thanks to our relatively temperate climate and abundance of hot houses, there are plenty of beautiful flowers through the Winter season.

Mother's Day Log 2022

Possibly the most unique Mother's Day we have ever had! But then we have had a few!! Did you know Best Blooms has been delivering flowers to Mums in Auckland since 2006?...

From Humble Beginnings - How our Florist Shop Blossomed and Grew

New Logo! New Website! But It's Still Us! - How Best Blooms Florist has grown and grown from humble beginnings... This is our Story, of how a small local flower shop, blossomed into one of the busiest Online Florists in Auckland ...

10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Family, Friends or Employees

Whether you've simply left your Christmas shopping too late, or you're worried that courier delays will mean your Christmas gifts don't arrive on time, rest assured there's an easy fix. Here at Best Blooms, we use our own courier, meaning orders won t be subject to postal system delays.

Top 5 Spring and Summer Flowers in NZ

What are Your Favourite Spring & Summer Flowers? Here are our Top 5 most popular seasonal blooms. Sunny days are here and we want to celebrate with the most beautiful flowers in season! So, here s a lovely bunch of the top five spring and summer flowers in New Zealand.