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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

When you are looking for Wedding Anniversary gift ideas, whether for parents, aunties and uncles or close friends.

Often people start with the traditional Anniversary gifts by year, as a place for inspiration for the perfect present.

Here is the list of Anniversaries from the 1st Anniversary till the 10th and then 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th Wedding Anniversary gifts.


Help me Choose an Anniversary Gift

When you are looking for Wedding Anniversary gift ideas - often you are not quite sure what to send. Perhaps the couple have been married a number of years, and you are looking for a special gift for them and want to send something that both of them will enjoy.

It's true to say that florists are a creative bunch - so we love to think of fresh ideas and new ways to incorporate the traditional anniversary symbols to go with your flowers. That may be a cotton ribbon to represent the 2nd anniversary (Cotton) or a wooden keepsake heart to symbolise the 5th anniversary (Wood).

As well as using our creative expertise to come up with a fab floral gift basket, or a bouquet of beautiful anniversary red roses - Don't forget we also offer the convenience of FREE Delivery in Auckland...Plus you can shop online at your own convenience.  Truly making choosing an anniversary gift a fun and easy experience.

Whether you to choose to gift a flower arangement, anniversary bouquet, NZ hand-made chocolates, fresh fruits, gift baskets, anniversary balloons, or a plant. These are all very popular and thoughtful Wedding Anniversary presents.

Traditional List of Anniversary Gifts & Symbolic Flowers

Anniversary Gifts by Year List
beautiful fragrant carnations in assorted colours 1st Wedding Anniversary

First Anniversary Flower is Carnations, symbolizing young love.
Paper Clocks
  2nd Wedding Anniversary

Second Anniversary Flower symbol is Cosmos, a sign of perfect balance.
Cotton China

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Third Anniversary Flowers are Sunflowers, with a sturdy stem showing the strength of your love.

Leather Crystal or Glass
  4th Wedding Anniversary

Fourth Anniversary Flower is Geranium representing happiness & friendship.
Flowers and Fruit Appliances
  5th Wedding Anniversary

Fifth Anniversary Flower is the simple but beautiful Daisy, a poignant symbol of eternal love and faithfulness.
Wood Silverware
  6th Wedding Anniversary

Sixth Anniversary Flowers are elegant calla lilies meaning purity, fidelity and innocence.
Candy  Wood
  7th Wedding Anniversary

Seventh Anniversary Flowers are Freesias symbolising Thoughtfulness.
Wool Desk Sets
  8th Wedding Anniversary

Eighth Anniversary Flower is the entwining Clematis Bloom for intellect & intelligence.
Bronze Linen or Lace
  9th Wedding Anniversary

Ninth Anniversary Flower is the Poppy a sign of remembrance and imagination.
Pottery  Leather
  10th Wedding Anniversary

Tenth Anniversary Flowers are Daffodils, symbolising you hold each other in high regard.
Tin Diamond Jewellery
  20th Wedding Anniversary

Twentieth Anniversary Flowers are Asters representing resilience.
China Platinum
  25th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Flowers are symbolised by Iris for wisdom, courage and faith.
Silver Silver
  30th Wedding Anniversary

Thirtieth Anniversary Flowers are Lilies - representing transition and rebirth.
Pearl  Diamond
  40th Wedding Anniversary

Fourtieth Anniversary Flowers are Gladioli blooms for infatuation & Strength of Character.
Ruby  Ruby
  45th Wedding Anniversary

Fourty-Fifth Anniversary Flowers are Blue Iris the symbol for faith and devotion.
Sapphire  Sapphire
  50th Wedding Anniversary

Fiftieth Anniversary Flowers are Yellow Roses a sign of Joy and Friendship.
Gold Gold 
  60th Wedding Anniversary

Sixtieth Anniversary Blooms are Orchids - a symbol of rare beauty.
Diamond Diamond 
  70th Wedding Anniversary

Seventieth Anniversary are Chrysanthemums, the flower of Cheerfulness.
Platinum or Iron Platinum

Happy 50th Anniversary Balloon

Unique Anniversary Presents to Send

We can make any of our flower bouquets or arrangements in colours to suit your anniversary year and make your gift more personal and unique.

We have done Rich red arrangements to celebrate a Ruby Wedding Anniversary for their 40th anniversary, Silver touches for a 25th Wedding Anniversary party, and can add pretty pearl touches for 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversaries.


Golden Anniversary Gifts

A popular Golden Wedding Anniversary Giftis our Golden Anniversary Celebration Bowl - a lovely gift to send - A beautiful table arrangement for them to help celebrate their Special 50th Wedding Anniversary.

We even had a call the other day for a unique 70th Wedding Anniversary present - that's the first time we have made one of those. 70 Years!

So, put your thinking cap on, and give us a challenge to come up with a great gift idea for your special wedding anniversary celebration. We'd love to help!

Wishing you Blooms and Smiles

Jo :) Senior Florist

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