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Peonies - Peony Roses - Paeonia

No matter what you call them - The Peony is a stunning lush gorgeous Bloom and Very Special!  An absolute favourite flower for many due to their short season, their light delicate scent and of course those AMAZING full lush frilly Blooms!

When are Peonies in Season?

Peonies are in Season in New Zealand from the beginning of October till December during our Spring.  In early October the lovely warm Coral Peonies start to Bloom. As the season progresses the colours available change due to the different flowering times of the many peony varieties and colours. 

What colours do Peonies come in?

This really does depend on the time in the season - each plant has a unique flowering time - this is part of the charm of peony flowers.  In the early season there are only Coral Peonies, then the soft pinks come into bloom, then we start getting the crimson and Red Charm Peonies and finally white Peonies.
If you are wanting particular colour Peony for your delivery then please do call us to discuss what we have in fresh from the grower and available for delivery today.

For same day delivery in Auckland - Order Business addresses before 10.15am, Home address cut off is 2.15pm and of course you can specify any future date for delivery.  Saturday same-day delivery order by 10am.

Peonies are available in New Zealand from early October to early December - Ahh Gorgeous!

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Peonie Roses Auckland New Zealand
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