Ivory wedding flowers





For this Wedding held at Waitakere Estate - Auckland's Rainforest Retreat - we designed a Tropical Wedding Theme. The flowers chosen were stunning red anthuriums, imported Red and Ivory Singapore Orchids all complemented by lush foliages of palms and ferns to reflect the bush setting. Debbie was looking for an over-the-top, splendid display that would really grab her guests attention and one that really matched this fantastic wedding venue.

The second wedding featured below was for a beautiful Samoan wedding held at Alexandra Park. We chose elegant cream anthurium flowers as the feature flower, and used these for the whole wedding theme. The finished look was elegant and sophisticated but with a tropical polynesian feeling. -Stunning!

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Photo shows archway at Waitake Estate decorated with tropical arrangement.

Archway at Waitakere Estate decorated with tulle and a suspended Tropical Arrangement.

Bride with Tropical Boquet of Anthuriums and singapore orchids.

Lovely Bride Debbie, with her Tropical bouquet.  Wedding held at Aucklands Rainforest retreat - Waitakere Estate.

Tropical flower arrangement of orchids and anthuriums.

Close-up of the Wedding arch flower arrangement - featuring Anthuriums, both red and ivory singapore orchids with lush foliage of ferns and palms.

Brides table flower arrangement featuring ferns and palms and tropical flowers.

The reception room at Waitakere Estate decorated for a Wedding with the large bridal table tropical flower arrangement.

close up of tropical flower arrangement.

Close-up of the tropical table arrangement with the addition of whimsical butterflies, which were also part of this rainforest theme.

Reception room with large tropical arrangements.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help and wonderful ideas to make our day
as special as it can be - You are wonderful.

Church pew decoration of ribbons and flowers.

Church Pew decoration of palm leaves, anthurium flower and singapore orchid with pink ribbon bow to match bridesmaids dresses.

Samoan church decorated with elegant tropical arrangements.

Samoan church decorated for wedding. Pew decorations, and large floral pieces at Alter, Pulpit, and lecturn.

Vase of tropical anthurium and gladioli flowers.

One of the large arrangements to decorate the front of the church. Once again the beautiful anthuriums and gladioli flowers with lush palm leaves.

Front of Samoan church decorated with flowers for a samoan wedding.

This photo shows the alter of the Church decorated with flowers. I love the beautiful Tapa cloth on the stairway!

Large Church flower arrangement of Anthuriums and palm leaves.

Close up showing one of the large floral arrangements for the Front of the church - a huge arrangement that looks dwarfed by the enourmous Church!

Large arrangement of flowers to decorate Wedding reception venue.

Following the Wedding, we took the flowers to Alexandra Park for the festivities. This shows the same arrangement at the entrance to the Reception room - Its great to use the church flowers again for Reception decoration.

Wedding reception table centrepiece of tropical anthurium flowers.

Simple and Tropical - Table Centrepiece of Anthurium flowers and tropical palm leaves.

Wedding reception flower arrangement for Brides top table.

The beautiful centrepiece for the Brides Top table- full of anthuriums and palm leaves.