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7 New Baby Gift Baskets to celebrate the new mother in your life

The arrival of a new baby is such an exciting and special time. What better way to celebrate a newborn baby than with a gift basket for the baby and the new mum?

We've got a great selection of gift baskets for new mums and babies, making it easier than ever to show you care. Order a new baby gift basket from Best Blooms today so you can spend less time shopping and more time celebrating with the people who matter most.

Let's talk about giving gifts to new mums and newborn babies, plus some of our favourite new baby gift baskets!


New baby gift-giving etiquette

If you want to give a gift to new parents or give something special to the newborn baby, it pays to be aware of some gift-giving etiquette. After all, new parents have a lot going on and you don't want to add to their stress. Here are our tips for giving gifts to new parents and babies.

How much should I spend on a new baby gift basket?

There are no set rules for how much you should spend on a gift for new parents. Just shop to your budget, but do consider spending a little extra if you're especially close to the new parents. Your generosity will be felt!

What types of gifts should I give a new mother/newborn baby?

It pays to choose gifts that will be helpful for the new parents, or that will make them feel good. Helpful gifts include baby clothes, teething rings, blankets or toys. Flowers, candles, or self-care gifts are also appreciated by new mums.

Are gendered baby gifts a bad idea?

Not necessarily — everyone has different preferences. You'll know the new parents better than anyone else, so go for something that aligns with their values. If you're worried they'll be uncomfortable with blue or pink gift baskets, go for something neutral like soft green or yellow, or opt for no colour theme at all.

At Best Blooms, we have baby girl and baby boy gift baskets, but we also have more neutral gift hampers for new parents, and we can make a bespoke hamper if you need.

Do I need to buy from the baby shower gift registry?

Some new parents have a baby shower gift registry that outlines things they need or want. If there's a registry, it's a good idea to take a look and see what they're after and what's already been bought. You don't always have to buy from the registry, but it pays to avoid double-up gifts.

When and where should I get a new baby gift basket delivered?

Not every new parent wants a baby shower. Or maybe you're not available on the day of the shower. Either way, if there's no formal event to bring a gift to, you can instead opt to have a gift delivered to the hospital where the baby is born, or to the new parents' home when the baby has arrived.

Whichever you choose, just make sure someone will be around to receive the gift and try not to send large or heavy gifts to the hospital, as the new parents will already have a lot to bring home.

Our favourite new mum and baby gift baskets

At Best Blooms, we have loads of experience selecting gifts and flowers for new parents and babies. We love putting together these gift baskets, because we can really feel the energy and excitement that you're experiencing in your family or friend group.

We've got a great selection of new baby gift baskets and new mum gifts, but if you're after something a little bit different you can always get in touch with our florists and we'll arrange something special just for you.

Let's take a look at some of our favourite new baby gift baskets!

1. Scullywags Baby Gift Hamper — Boy OR Girl

Our Scullywags Baby Gift Hamper features a gift box of new baby products, a teething ring, a soft toy and a bouquet for new parents. This is a really simple option that covers all your bases if you're not sure what to get. There's something for mum, and lots for the baby.

We can assemble this gift hamper with pink or blue themes depending on what the new parents will prefer.

    The Scullywags Baby Gift Hamper includes:
  • Scullywags Gift Box including a muslin face cloth, baby body lotion, soap, botty balm and a wooden teething ring.
  • 30cm cotton knit baby bunny or teddy
  • Florist-arranged fresh flower posy box

2. Luxury Baby Gift Box — Boy OR Girl

Similar to our Scullywags Baby Gift Hamper, the Luxury Baby Gift Box includes our super popular Scullywags Gift Box featuring a great collection of premium baby-friendly bath products, plus a luxurious bamboo baby onesie.

If you're looking to spend a little extra to show you care, or just love the idea of a little tot in a sweet wee onesie, go for the Luxury Baby Gift Box.

    The Luxury Baby Gift Box includes:
  • Scullywags Gift Box including a muslin face cloth, baby body lotion, soap, botty balm and a wooden teething ring.
  • Florist-arranged fresh flower posy box
  • Boody Baby organic bamboo onesie

3. New Mum and Dad Gift Basket

When you're friends with both the new mum and the new dad, why not give them both something special. Our New Mum and Dad Gift Basket features our popular Scullywags Gift Box and a teddy for the new baby, as well as his and her's NZ-made chocolate from Bennetts. The featured wooden box of blooms is a larger arrangement than our other boxes and really says “I'm so happy for you!”.

The New Mum and Dad Gift Basket includes:

  • Scullywags Gift Box including a muslin face cloth, baby body lotion, soap, botty balm and a wooden teething ring.
  • Medium plush teddy
  • Bennetts MUM chocolate bar
  • Bennetts DAD chocolate bar
  • Large wooden box of blooms


4. It's a Boy!/It's a Girl!

When you need to keep it simple, just go with what you know! Once you know the sex of the new baby, our It's a Boy or It's a Girl gift packs are a great option to have delivered to the hospital. Small and light, these gift packs include a simple flower arrangement, a small coloured teddy and a celebratory balloon.

The It's a Boy/It's a Girl gift pack includes:

  • Flower arrangement
  • Celebratory “Baby Boy”/”Baby Girl” balloon on a stick
  • Small pink or blue teddy bear



5. Teddy and Bouquet for a New Baby and Mum

Give both mum and the baby a little something with this lovely teddy and bouquet combo. We traditionally create these arrangements with a pink or blue heart teddy bear, but can work with you to make an arrangement to any colour scheme.

Go for pinks, purples and whites for a baby girl, and blues and creams for a blue. Or, opt for a more modern gender-neutral arrangement with vibrant colours and a brown teddy bear (for an idea of what this might look like, check out our “Bundle of Love” gift pack).

The flowers will arrive in a water-filled vox with flower food, making them easy for the new parent to take home and look after — just change the water daily.

The Bouquet and Teddy includes:

  • Small teddy bear
  • Flower arrangement in colours of your choice

6. You're So Special Gift Box

Let's be honest — everyone wants to spoil the new baby. But if you're thinking more about the new mum (maybe you're the dad, or mum's best friend), our You're So Special gift box is designed to spoil her instead.

With a lovely live orchid and an assortment of treats and self-care gifts, the You're So Special box is a no-brainer. Moth orchids thrive on neglect, so the new mum won't need to worry about taking care of it while she's looking after herself and the new baby. Meanwhile, the treats and lovely aromatic self-care gifts give the new mum a few ways to treat herself and relax.

The You're So Special Gift Box includes:

  • A moth orchid plant
  • Seriously Good chocolate truffles
  • Bailey's chocolate bar
  • Sweet Escape bath bomb
  • Just Because candle in a glass jar
  • A keepsake “You're So Special” heart by local artist Christina Maaseen

7. Baby Plant Gift Basket

Looking for something just a little bit different? Opt for a live plant instead of a fresh flower bouquet. We've put together our Baby Plant Gift Basket, featuring a baby, stick balloon and a live Crysanthemum (or “Mums”!) plant.


Say what words can't say with a new baby gift basket from Best Blooms

We know how important life's moments like this truly are. Let us help you make it everything it should be. Browse our full range of newborn baby gift baskets and gifts for new mums now, and order online for same-day delivery in Auckland*.

With a 100% money back guarantee, Best Blooms is the number one place to get your new baby gifts sorted. We have something for everyone, and our ultra quick free delivery throughout the Auckland region means you can stop stressing and start celebrating this incredibly special moment.

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