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Why Best Blooms Loves New Zealand Grown Flowers

At Best Blooms Auckland us Florists love Flowers - it's a Fact!... But What's the Difference between N.Z. grown flowers and Imported Blooms?

NZ Fresh Flowers - Local Grown is the Best

At Best Blooms Florist - we just love flowers.  It's a Fact!... Our Florists always take "Just a minute" to enjoy the first new blooms of the season, the interesting and unique colour tinges of beautiful flowers that catches our eye, or the elegant curve of the buds as they open.  
All of our florists seem to garden too - it seems to be a natural progression of our interest in Flowers & Nature.

We even rush in to show Tessa and Teena, our customer services team flowers to impress them too!
Literally - "Take the time to smell the Roses."

Flower Industry - from Growers to NZ Florists

All our florists have completed professional training within the NZ floral industry. Members of New Zealand Professional Florists Society, to qualifications completed with the Horticultural Society and training via Unitec. All of the florists employed by Best Blooms are experienced within the industry to very high standards of floral design.

N.Z. Floriculture Industry - Flowers

NZ grown fresh flowers - simply the best! We are very proud to be a part of the strong New Zealand floriculture industry.  Growers, Flower Auctions, Florists and flower sellers, and Floral Artists.  

West and North Auckland Flower Growers

Many local NZ flower growers have been growing their flowers on the same land for decades. They are local families that our florists have known for years. Many NZ growers export their beautiful quality blooms, primarily to Japan and other Northern Hemisphere countries to allow for quality blooms in the off season.

The major floral crops in New Zealand include roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas, tulip, gypsophilia, lilies and carnations as well as unique sandersonias, callas, peonies and of course NZ grown cymbidium orchids.
Best Blooms has a number of contracts with the best local flower growers and buy direct from their greenhouses twice weekly chrysanthemums, gerberas, beautiful New Zealand grown Roses and magnolia.

Fresh Flowers from Auckland Flower Auctions

flowers on display at the auckland flower auctions NZWe buy fresh flowers direct from the vibrant early morning Auckland flower markets 3 times a week and support the auction house to buy the breadth and wide variety and quantity of flowers we need.  

This means our flowers are always fresh and long lasting.

We do have access and do indeed use some beautiful imported blooms when we need to, flowers that are not grown here such as Singapore Orchids, Anthuriums and other exotic Tropicals.

We don't buy imported flowers such as roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and other imported blooms that will never live up to our high standards - and give our customers the long-lasting freshness they deserve and expect from Best Blooms.
Why would we, when New Zealand has quality and local families growing our own, strong and healthy flowers, that will last and last - and with no travel time!! (Who wants a flower with air-miles??? :)  Here is an article about the benefits of sustainable flowers.

Buy Local Grown Flowers - Green Footprint

We Love New Zealand grown flowers - it supports our industry - keeps our product the freshest and contributes to our  flourishing floriculture industry.

This is a great video which explains the whole cycle beautiful N.Z. flowers go through to get to You - the flower Hero at the end.

Best Blooms says..... "Send Flowers - Send Smiles!" - Guaranteed Every time!


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Jo-Ann Moss - Senior Florist  |  20 November 2017, 08:46 PM

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