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Which Flowers are Fragrant?

When choosing your fresh cut flowers, it is popular to send a sweet-smelling, scented bouquet. Flowers with a fragrance are romantic, seductive, and the aroma can conjure up happy memories, whenever you catch a whiff of the same lovely perfumed flower again.

List of Perfumed Flowers

A Bouquet of Scented Flowers

Smell the flowers! It's a natural instinct - when you receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the first thing you do is take a big sniff of the beautiful floral perfumes. Flower scents are evocative, emotional and filled with memories of both places, and the people you were with, when you last smelt those gorgeous blooms.  Thats why its so lovely to send fragrant flowers as a gift.

What's your Nana's Favourite Fragrant Flowers?

My Nana loved Bluebells & Freesias! Just the scent of freesias takes me back to my childhood. My other Nanas favourite flowers were Orchids.
Customers tell our florists all the time how a lot of their flower memories are tied in with their Grandma or Grandpop. We try hard to accomodate customers requests for specific scented flowers (if in season) to send as they were Grandmas favourite flowers.
It seems lots of us have happy nostalgic memories of treasured moments, spent in the garden with our grandparents, surrounded by fragrant flowers such as freesias, fragrant stock, lilies and blossoms.  It's amazing how the scent of a bloom can take you right back to that moment in time.


Check if your favourite scented flower is in season, please Click here to go to Seasons of Flowers in New Zealand.

Is it more Romantic to send a Perfumed Bouquet?

Oh Yes! A beautiful romantic bouquet filled with the fragrance of gorgeous blooms is exciting and full of romance. Scented flowers are seductive and sensuous, and I think its much more special to send a mixed bouquet of flowers that includes both Roses and other perfumed flowers such as gorgeous oriental Lilies, fragrant stock or pretty freesias.

Why don't Florists Roses have a Perfume?

Unfortunately, it's true - most of the Roses we get in the florists shop are not bred for scent.
The clever rose growers have worked so hard over years of hybridising to grow long stems, strong flower heads, healthy growth and resistance to pests. This has meant that perfume, in most of the florists roses, has taken a back seat to these other desirable qualities in the beautiful roses you see in store.


The most scented florists roses we get in the shop are:

  • Red Naomi a lush, rich red rose with a beautiful big flower head.  (NZ grown roses of course!)
  • Metalina an antique blush rose with a soft scent.
  • Avalanche - a luscious big head white rose with subtle fragrance.


Is it Ok to Send Scented Flowers to the Hospital?

As florists we wouldn't advise sending flowers with too much scent to a hospital patient.
This is important to remember when sending flowers to the hospital, for speedy recovery or get well or to Celebrate the Birth of a new Baby.
In these situations, although recipients love to receive flowers that smell great, in enclosed spaces such as a hospital ward, the scent can get over-powering.
We advise to be particularly be aware when sending scented oriental lilies or spring flowers to the hospital as these flowers have the strongest scent.

Does the person you want to Send Flowers to get Hayfever?

One important consideration when choosing to send flowers, some recipients may get hay fever, or an allergic reaction, triggered by fresh flowers.  A red nose, watery eyes and sneezing will take away from the lovely experience of receiving flowers, and we don't want that.

You are always welcome to request a Lily free bouquet, or include no scented flowers for those with hayfever or allergies.  This is always a very thoughtful customer request - and we even have a special place in our website order form for you to tell the florists your needs.
Use the Notes to Florist section to alert us of any special customer requests when you order your flowers online and we will take care of that for you.


List of Perfumed Flowers

A very fresh and fragrant bush with little bud shaped flowers. Winter flowering. Available in Brown, lime green and bright pink. the scent is quite strong, astringent and almost peppery. fragrant boronia bush brown colour flowers
Carnations Spray
Not all carnations are scented, but some have a very pretty clove smell. Sweet William, also part of the carnation family can have a soft perfume too.  a display of spray carnations in assorted colours
Carnations Standard
Not all are perfumed but some are very fragrant. We find the white carnations have the most scent in the florist shop environment.  beautiful fragrant carnations in assorted colours
A sweet smelling narcissus spring bulb flower. Daffodils both look and smell like joyfulness to me.   a big mixture of different coloured daffodil varieties
A very fragrant winter bush. Sweet tiny flowers, nice to tuck into bouquets.  Daphne does not have long stems so they really are a little delicate embellishment.  close up of the fragrant daphne bush and its small clusters of pink florets
Available in spring - very scented, cream colour flowers. This bloom is a real harbringer of the change of season. Earlicheer is part of the narcissus family. cream coloured clusters of earlicheer blooms 
Frangipani Flowers
Gorgeous fragrance that instantly transports you to the tropics. Limited availability.  Not used on a daily basis in a flower shop as they have no stems to use so all blooms have to be wired.   frangipani blooms of white with yellow centres
Very pretty smell. A favourite for wedding flowers and to send out everyday in bouquets, as freesias are many peoples favourite flower.  freesias in a vase in pink, yellow, red, purple and white blooms
Gardenia Flowers
Very fragrant and pretty, waxy pure white flowers.  Very short lived as a cut flower so not used in a florist shop but we often have beautiful scented gardenia plants available >  fragrant white gardenia flowering plant
Perfumed and very delicate. Available in spring. Hyacinth blooms are spikes of star shaped flowers in pink, blue, purple and white.  hyacinth blooms in a wide variety of colours, blue, pink, white, lemon and burgundy
A very sweet smelling, small white pinkish flower on long trailing bracts. Perfect for garden look style.
Did you know, as beautiful as the scent of jasmine is, we are not allowed to use it in N.Z. floristry as it is a noxious weed.
 jasmine blooms in white with pink buds
Lavender Flowers
Herby, zingy fragrance. Pretty mauve/ blue or purple flowers. One of the historic and most popular fragrances around the world and in major perfumery manufacturing.  blue hidcote lavender flowers
Pretty white, mauve or dark purple flowers with a perfume. Limited availability in spring.  Both bees and butterflies love lilac. The blooms come in lilac, deep mauve, and white.  lilac blooms
Lily Of The Valley
White flowers with a beautiful fragrance. Extremely short season - Only available in October. Lily of the valley has lots of royal connections and is often used in the royal wedding bouquets.  close up of waxy white lily of the valley blooms
Lilium Asiatic (Lilies)
Slight fragrance, Asiatic lilies are availalbe almost all year round. Asiatics come in a wide colour range, pinks, reds, cream, orange, yellow and recently we have even been getting asisatic lilies that are so dark they are almost black.  colourful mixture of asiatic lily flowers
Lilium Casablanca 
Casablanca lilies are from the oriental lilies family. Beautiful scented flowers. Showy white blooms, available most of the year. Can be allergenic. Remove the stamens to ensure no pollen stains. You can send our fragrant white lily bouquet here >  white oriental lily
Lilium Longiflorum (Lilies)
Lovely fragrant flowers. Showy large trumpet shaped white waxy blooms. In New Zealand these are our Christmas Lilies.  white longiflorum lily bloom (Christmas Lily)
Lilium Stargazer (Lilies)
Flowers with a beautiful fragrance. Showy Bright pink (Stargazer) and pale pink (La Reve) blooms, available most of the year. Lots of new pink lilies coming on the market all the time. Can be allergenic. pink stargazer lily 
Orchid Cymbidium
Orchid flowers have a very nice perfume - a great choice for winter weddings. Orchids excude a sweet smelling heady fragrance.  cymbidium orchids in pink cream and yellow showing the red spots on the orchid throat
Paper Whites
A very pretty, sweet smelling early spring / winter flower. Pure white colour.  Part of the narcissus family of spring bulb flowers.  paper white jonquils
Peonie Roses - Lovely fragrant flower. Large multi-petalled blowsy flower in flowers in colours of pinks, whites and burgundys.  Quite possibly the most popular flower in the world after Roses. a mix of peonies growing pink, crimson, white peonies 
Roses /Rosa
Sadly, many commercial grown roses do not have a fragrance, as they have been hybridized and bred for either size of the rose head, longevity or colour overiding the importance of perfume, but some varieties we get in the florist shop do have that lovely sweet smell. Jacaranda (Bright pink) and Dulcet (dusky pink) roses are the best for perfume.  The most perfumed red roses are Naomi and Black Magic.    mixture of colourful and fragrant roses
Roses Miniature / Spray
Some commercial grown spray roses have a fragrance.  spray roses showing white, pink, hot pink and yellow varieties
A green herb, nice for inclusion in bridal bouquets for its fragrance and its meaning of flowers - "Rememberance"  blue flowers on rosemary bush with bees buzzing around
Soleil d' Ors
A very pretty, perfumed early spring/ winter flower commonly called Jonquils. Lovely clear yellow colour with the name Soleil being named after the sun (French).   yellow soleil d'or jonquils
Stephanotis flowers
A Traditional wedding flower, waxy white small trumpets with a beautiful fragrance. Not available in the florist shop on a daily basis as it is not readily available.  white waxy stephanotis vine flowers
Pretty and soft flowers with a spicy sweet smell. Stock Flowers (Matthiola) are available in white, pinks, magenta, purples and cream.  matthiola stock flower in a wide choice of colours lemon, mauve, pink, purple, white
Sweet Peas
Dainty climbing scented flowers available in many shades of soft colours.  Sweet peas are another of Grandma's favourites.  flowers sweet peas in pinks, purples and red colour
A pretty, delicate foliage with little pinky white flowers - A lovely piney, herby smell.  Native to Australia.  close up of thryptomene flowers against a black background
Perfumed and pretty, cream small trumpet flowers. Tuberose are on long stately stems and really do smell amazing.   creamy tuberose blooms with pink edges
Very tiny but lovely dark purple flowers available in spring. Sweet fragrance.  scented wild violets growing
Water Lily's
A light, delicate scented flower available in the New Zealand summer season.  water lilies in blue, pink and yellow blooms

Best Blooms is your specialist florist, centrally located in Avondale, West Auckland, N.Z.
Chat with us direct on 09 838 9058, where our experienced floral designers can advise you on the best choices for perfumed flowers with a beautiful fragrance, the seasons they are available and offer professional advice to send a beautiful bouquet of sweet smelling blooms.


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