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9 Best Corporate Christmas gift ideas for 2024

Gift Boxes and Hampers are always popular Christmas Gifts. Here are 9 of our best ideas for Christmas Baskets this year.

corporate christmas gift baskets auckland

The holiday season is right around the corner, and in 20244 it’s more crucial than ever to connect with your clients and employees to show that you appreciate them. What better way to do so than with corporate Christmas gift baskets.

The impact of corporate gifts now is greater than ever, as a show of kindness and compassion can make a real difference to anyone’s day.

If you’re considering arranging corporate Christmas gifts for your clients or employees, let us help you get the leg up with a little bit of advice and our list of the best Christmas gift baskets on offer in Auckland today.

When should I order corporate Christmas gift baskets?

Each year, Christmas feels like it’s starting earlier! To get the best range of options and guarantee your gift is received, it’s best to place your order by mid-November. There are a few reasons for this:

  • In general, corporate gift recipients may take leave in the latter part of December, and Christmas shutdown periods can vary hugely between workplaces.
  • Working parents may be more likely to take leave ahead of Christmas to line up with the start of their kids’ school holidays.
  • Lots of companies will be placing orders for corporate gifts around Christmas! We keep great stock to ensure you’ll always have options, but to get the best range of choice, we’d recommend getting in early.

Typically, you’ll want to place your order to arrive in mid-December, before recipients go on leave. That said, Best Blooms are accepting orders and delivering right up until December 24. For same-day delivery to a business address, please place your order before 9:30 am.

Can I get a bulk discount for corporate Christmas gifts?

If you’ve got a lot of corporate gift baskets to order this Christmas, get in touch with the team at Best Blooms. We’ll be happy to chat with you about your volume needs, budget, requirements and timeline.

Together, we’ll craft a plan to ensure you can surprise and delight all your clients (or employees!) this Christmas, on time, within budget and with a little extra something that builds the strength of your brand.

Custom Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets from Best Blooms

We’re happy to work to your colour specifications and incorporate your branding and logos to ensure that your corporate Christmas gift baskets reinforce your business relationships well.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs — we’ll be happy to chat about how we can ensure your corporate Christmas gifts for clients and employees alike build strong brand recognition, strengthen your relationships and align with your company’s values.

9 of the Best Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets

To save you some time, we’ve made a list of our best corporate Christmas gift baskets, all of which are conveniently non-alcoholic. Follow the links below to order your corporate Christmas gifts now.

Or, use the list below to get inspired and get in touch with us about your custom-branded corporate Christmas gifts ASAP.

Most popular corporate Christmas gift basket: Merry Xmas Gift Box

Merry Christmas Gift Box Auckland goodies in black hamper box

Treat anyone and everyone with our most popular corporate Christmas gift basket. The Merry Xmas Gift Box includes a great assortment of edible Christmas treats, including classics like a fruit cake slice and mulled wine sachet, plus modern gourmet goodies like brownie bites and salted toffee pretzels.

This box is a real crowd pleaser, with something for all tastes from sweet to salty. By default, the Merry Xmas Gift Box is presented in a tasteful black hamper box with a black and silver ribbon. Of course, if this doesn’t suit you can get in touch with us to discuss personalising your corporate Christmas gifts.

The Merry Xmas Gift Box includes:

  • 1 x Mulled Wine Sachet
  • 1 x Cheese Stix
  • 1 x Salted Toffee Pretzels
  • 1 x Black Pepper Peanuts
  • 1 x Bag of Mini Chocolates
  • 1 x Belgian Drinking Chocolate
  • 1 x Luxury Fruit Cake Slice
  • 1 x Brownie Bites
  • 1 x Ultimate Fruit Pudding
  • 1 x Strawberry Coco Cup

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Best shareable corporate Christmas gift basket: Christmas Extravaganza Gift Hamper

biggest christmas hamper filled with xmas goodies and food treats auckland

If you’re ordering a corporate Christmas gift for a small office or team and intend for your recipients to share their treats in the lead-up to the holidays, this is the box for you.

The Christmas Extravaganza Gift Hamper comes beautifully presented in a jute hamper printed with an Xmas design and lined with tartan to protect the goodies inside. Add a special touch to your Christmas Extravaganza Gift Hamper by adding a custom keepsake card or a box of six Bennetts chocolate truffles.

The Christmas Extravaganza Gift Hamper includes:

  • 1 x Macs Butter Shortbread Fingers
  • 1 x Party Wafers
  • 1 x Seaweed Rice Crackers
  • 1 x Eta Peanuts
  • 1 x Sweet As Popcorn
  • 1 x Cheese Twists
  • 1 x Rutherford & Meyer Garlic Olive Oil Wafer Crackers
  • 1 x Lambertz Compliments Biscuits
  • 1 x Kapiti Candy Co. Candies
  • 1 x Maltesers
  • 1 x Frooze Balls Cranberry
  • 1 x Bluebird Caramelised Onion Chips
  • 1 x Mother Earth Nuts & Cranberry
  • 1 x Loaf Slices Gooey Caramel Bites
  • 1 x Walkers Chocolates
  • 1 x Dried Apple Rings

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Best corporate Christmas gift box for employees: Christmas Gift Basket

If you’re looking for a way to say thanks to a valued staff member, you can’t go wrong with the Christmas Gift Basket from Best Blooms. This is the ideal gift box for your employees to take home to their families, with a great assortment of sweet and savoury treats. Plus, an included Christmas ornament helps your staff bring a little bit of Christmas magic into their home and brighten up their tree.

Make your Christmas Gift Basket special, with a custom keepsake card complete with your own personalised message. Don’t know what to say? Dig deep and look for the words to express your gratitude, appreciation and care. Or, check out our helpful list of meaningful card messages.

The Christmas Gift Basket includes:

  • 1 x Dr Bugs Gourmet Popcorn Treats
  • 1 x Butter Shortbread
  • 1 x Twin Pack Aunt Bettys Christmas Puddings
  • 1 x Crave Food Vanilla Petite Meringues
  • 1 x Mother Earth Deluxe Nut and Cranberry Mix
  • 1 x Mother Earth Bhuja Mix
  • 1 x Indian Summer Rose Gummy Bears
  • 1 x Donovans Salted Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Clusters
  • 1 x Premium Cheese Twists
  • 1 x Milk Chocolate Coffee Truffles
  • 1 x Fig, Pear & Walnut Chutney
  • 1 x Herb & Spice Mill Aniseed Drops
  • 1 x Mulled Wine Sachet
  • 1 x Kapiti Candy Mixed Fudge
  • 1 x Christmas Decoration

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Best New Zealand corporate Christmas gift box: NZ Chocolate Kete Gift Basket

New Zealand Gift Basket Auckland

Celebrate and support local Kiwi businesses with our NZ Chocolate Kete Gift Basket. This is pure Kiwiana, with a great selection of chocolates from our leading boutique chocolatiers including Bennets of Mangawhai, House of Chocolate, Donovans and Kapiti.

This corporate Christmas gift box is beautifully presented in a natural flax kete lidded basket finished with ponga (silver fern) decorations and a stunning iridescent paua shell ribbon.

The NZ Chocolate Kete Gift Basket includes:

  • 1 x Bennetts of Mangawhai x 6 box of Truffles
  • 1 x House of Chocolate Fruit Sensations
  • 1 x Bennetts of Mangawhai Feijoa Chocolate Bar
  • 1 x Bennetts of Mangawhai Lemon Chocolate Bar
  • 1 x Bennetts of Mangawhai Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 1 x Bennetts of Mangawhai Amber Chocolate Bar
  • 1 x Chocolate Salted Almond Brittle from Kapiti Candy
  • 1 x Donovans Mint Chocolate Clusters
  • 1 x Donovans Coconut Chocolate Clusters

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Best non-food corporate Christmas gift box: Relaxation Pamper Hamper

christmas pampering hamper

If you prefer not to gift food, opt for this indulgent pamper hamper which features a great range of relaxing scented products to bring in the holidays. At the end of the busy season before Christmas shutdown, staff and clients alike can often use a little something to help them unwind.

In addition to a stunning seasonal bouquet in soft whites, creams and pale greens, this hamper features a fizzy bath bomb, lavender scented bathroom gift box from Scully’s, a deliciously scented candle from Just Because, and two blocks of luxury chocolate from Bennets of Mangawhai. There’s no better way to tell your staff or client that they’ve earned a good long rest than with this special relaxation gift box.

The Relaxation Pamper Hamper includes:

  • 1 x Scullys Lavender Gift Box inc Hand Cream, Luxury Soap, Bath & Body Wash
  • 1 x Fizzing Bath Bomb
  • 1 x Just Because Candle Tin
  • 1 x Bennetts of Mangawhai Feijoa Chocolate
  • 1 x Bennetts of Mangawhai Lemon Chocolate
  • 1 x Fresh Flower Posy Box Arrangement in soft whites, limes and creams
  • 1 x Keepsake Butterfly

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Best corporate Christmas gift box for men: Man Box

gift box for men for christmas delivery in auckland

For the blokes on the team you can’t go wrong with the Man Box from Best Blooms. The Man Box makes a fantastic corporate Christmas gift for the guys on your team (or client’s team) who don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

With rich dark chocolate from Bennets of Mangawhai and an assortment of savoury treats such as Jack Links beef jerky, black pepper peanuts and gourmet kalamata olives, this is a gift box for the man’s man. Tastefully presented in a black gift box with minimal, yet special, adornments, the Man Box is a surefire favourite for the business blokes.

The Man Box includes:

  • 1 x Salted Caramel Popcorn from Herb and Spice Mill
  • 1 x Bennetts of Mangawhai Chocolate Bar
  • 2 x bottles Macs Ginger Beer
  • 1 x Kalamata Olives
  • 1 x Bombay Mix
  • 1 x Black Pepper Peanuts
  • 2 x Jack Links Beef Jerky Sticks
  • 1 x Molly Woppy Cheese Sticks

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Best corporate Christmas gift box under $80: Sweet and Savoury Snack Basket

Sweet and Savoury Gift Basket Auckland N.Z.

If you’re shopping to a strict budget, keep your spending low with our best value corporate Christmas gift box. The Sweet and Savoury Snack Basket includes a great selection of sweet treats and moreish savoury snacks, and best of all comes in at just $79 per basket.

Of course, if you have lots of gift boxes to order, don’t forget to contact us to discuss your volume requirements as we may be able to design a plan that sticks to your budget.

The Sweet and Savoury Snack Box is stylishly packed in a jute basket with black and white striped paper, and includes:

  • 1 x Black Pepper peanuts
  • 1 x Bennetts Chocolate Bar
  • 1 x Donovans Chocolate Clusters
  • 1 x Sneaky Snacks Bhuja mix
  • 1 x Salted Caramel Pretzels
  • 1 x Molly Woppy cheese sticks
  • 1 x Pepper and Cheese Shortbread bites

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Most impressive corporate Christmas gift box: Deluxe Luxury Gift Basket

impressive corporate christmas gift box auckland new zealand delivery

For your favourite client or hardest working employee, the Deluxe Luxury Gift Basket from Best Blooms says it all. This is our most indulgent gift basket, including 20 different snack packs beautifully arranged in a stylish, high-quality basket that your recipient can continue to use in their home.

Our Deluxe Luxury Gift Basket is packed with goodies sourced from local New Zealand boutique suppliers such as Donovans, Kapiti Candy Co., Herb and Spice Mill, and Molly Woppy, plus a few family favourites. This is a go-to for when you really want to show how deep your gratitude runs.

The Deluxe Luxury Gift Basket includes:

  • 1 x Upper Cuts Luxury Potato Chips
  • 1 x Upper Cuts Luxury Nacho Chips
  • 1 x Mother Earth Pretzels
  • 1 x Paprika Capsicum Sauce
  • 1 x Fig, Pear & Walnut Chutney
  • 1 x Caramel Capsicum
  • 1 x Strawberry Cocoa Cups
  • 1 x Meringue Wheels
  • 1 x Kapiti Candy Co
  • 1 x Coconut crispy rolls
  • 1 x Lavosh Bites Herb & Spice Mill
  • 1 x Kalamata Olives
  • 1 x Dip Sachet
  • 1 x Sneaky Snacks Bombay mix
  • 1 x Salted Caramel Popcorn
  • 1 x Donovans Chocolate Clusters
  • 1 x Donovans Chocolate Hokey Pokey
  • 1 x Chocolate Macadamia Nuts
  • 1 x Nuttz Wood smoked Almonds
  • 1 x Nuttz Moroccan Cashew nuts
  • 1 x Quality basket

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Best corporate Christmas gift box for foodies: Gourmet Gift Box

christmas gourmet crate of goodies for foodies

Buying for your in-house foodie? The Gourmet Gift Crate from Best Blooms is guaranteed to surprise and delight foodies Auckland-wide. We’ve packed this gift crate with gourmet treats from our boutique suppliers, including booth sweet and savoury goodies.

You’ll be sure to impress even the most serious foodie. On top of this, these goodies come packed in a durable, high-quality wooden crate that can be reused around the house.

The Gourmet Gift Box includes:

  • 1 x 120 mls Chutney Condiments from Herb and Spice Mill
  • 1 x Kalamata Olives
  • 1 x Mother Earth Pretzels
  • 1 x Donovans Chocolate Box
  • 1 x Coconut Crispy Rolls
  • 1 x Cheese Stix Molly Woppy
  • 1 x Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookie Molly Woppy
  • 1 x Sneaky Snacks Bhuja Mix Herb & Spice Mill
  • 1 x Nuttz Wood Smoked Almond
  • 1 x Nuttz Sea Salt Cashews
  • 1 x Nuttz French Vanilla Almond
  • 1 x Dip Sachet
  • 1 x Kapiti Candy
  • 1 x Salted Caramel Popcorn
  • 1 x Aniseed Sprinkles Lollies
  • 1 x Strawberry Cocoa cup
  • 2 x Bennetts of Mangawhai Espresso Chocolates

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Get corporate Christmas gift boxes delivered to your clients and staff throughout Auckland

With same-day delivery and a 100% money back guarantee, Best Blooms has you covered for all your corporate Christmas gift shopping. Our team will help you show your clients and employees just how much you appreciate them.

Order your corporate Christmas gift boxes online today, or drop us a line to chat about your custom order requirements. We’ll be happy to help!

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